Edenton, NC Bridal Session | Inner Banks Inn


Oh my word. You know, I get to meet some pretty amazing people through this business. And, I swear, I come in to contact with some of the sweetest, most genuine people—like Sara. I met Sara through a mutual friend, Courtney. I photographed her engagement session with Marcel, along with their wedding that happened this past November. I also had the privilege of photographing her bridal session, and you guys, it’s just as pretty as she is.

For a reference, the day we had planned her bridal session it was raining cats and dogs! Seriously, I can not make this up. See, Sara and Marcel had a short engagement, and the only day we had was two Fridays prior to their wedding date. No fear on my end, as their wedding venue Inner Banks Inn had this gorgeous wrap around white porch that flanked most of the Inn. The mums that hung gave it an extra southern appeal, but to be honest, Sara is the one that draws your eyes.

I love the fact that she decided to wear her amazing cowboy boots! If youre asking if she wore these on her wedding day? The answer is hell yes! Why are my brides always this amazing?! What is your favorite part about her bridal session?

Nikki Whitt