The Unique Wedding Photos You Want. Captured Forever on Film.


What is your photographic style?

I define my style as dreamy romanticism. I am a sucker for raw, authentic emotion and really thrive when I am in that environment. I was trained as a portrait studio photographer, so I am knowledgeable on how to light subjects appropriately without interfering with the interactions that come in to play during a wedding. When most people view my style they are drawn to the creamy colors and die hard emotion that is captured.

How many photographs can we expect to receive?

A full gallery ranges anywhere between 600-800 images. This is dependent on how many hours you have booked us for.

Do you have second shooters?

I have about 5 second shooters that I love to work with. All of their styles are similar to my own, and they each have their own personal strengths. Since my business is my name, I make sure that every second shooter lives up to my name. They are all a joy to work with (on my side and the clients) and that means so much to me.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! Now you are speaking my language! Not only do I photograph in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, but I also travel to the eastern part of the state for beach weddings quite a bit. I also travel outside of the state and country for weddings. I have photographed couples in Jamaica, Spain, Germany, Canada, and the Bahamas. If you are planning a wedding outside of the states, I would love to be your photographer.

For the images that we receive, are they all edited?

Absolutely. No client will ever receive an image that is not thoroughly edited.

Can I print the images myself?

You are more than welcome to print your images. Every wedding client receives printing rights of their gallery. However, if you do decide to print yourself please note that with non-professional photo labs you risk prints that are not color corrected as their printers are not calibrated.

Can I order prints from you?

Of course! And I would highly suggest you do this as my photo lab is a certified lab who cares about each image that is printed. I not only offer prints, but beautiful heirloom wedding albums that are curated personally for each couple. The best part about my wedding was actually receiving our wedding album and looking at it for the first time. For your wedding, I would suggest to invest in a beautiful album (and prints) as this is the one day that you and your partner got all dolled up for a really big event. Invest in each other and make sure you have albums and prints that will stand the test of time.

Do you shoot digital or film?

This is a wonderful question! It makes me giddy every time I answer this. I am a hybrid photographer, which means that I shoot both film AND digital.

Why do you shoot film?

Film has this classic look about it. I love the creamy, dreamy colors film provides my clients. It is something so dear that I often have a hard time explaining. It allows my couples to take a breather throughout their big day, which, in the hustle and bustle of it, is the best gift I could ever give them—more time to take everything in and to just be together. It’s a timeless gift that my couples appreciate so very much.

Can you hold my date?

I require 25% of your wedding package as a retainer for your wedding date.

How long does it take for us to receive our images and how do we receive them?

Your wedding gallery will be in your inbox no later than 6 weeks after your wedding. Within 1 week of your wedding I send over sneak peeks to hold you over until the final reveal.