Modern Vintage Family Photography in Durham, NC

Can we talk about the best home, garden, and family ever?! Yes, it's time. What I am about to show you is eclectic, modern, and shows so much southern vintage flare--shot both on film and digital. The parents are both small business owners in the good ol' city of Durham, NC, and still find time to clean their house. This session showcases some new parent vibes along with old family traditions.

Rachael and Chaz have been known to go against the grain, but in style and dreams. Millie, their 5 month old, will definitely grow up a firecracker and will inevitably be the cool kid on the block when she is older. Georgia, their lifelong pup, is completely smitten with the newcomer and she even is seen sporting a flower collar--courtesy of one of Rachael's small businesses, Tre Bella Florist. Chaz from Chaz's Bull City Records  decorated the halls with old school posters of his favorite bands--which we get to see more of when we enter his record store later to document his family. My favorite? Nirvana.

Seriously, you have to swoon with me on this! Love how modern this sweet family is! Oh, and for added measures of awesomeness--this session is featured on Beyond the Wanderlust and Oh. My. Stars.!! You can find their original blog post here.

Chapel Hill Realtor Headshots | Grettel Cousins

First and foremost, if you are in the market for a house then contact this amazing boss lady! Grettel was an absolute joy to collaborate with for her realtor headshots and I can not rave more about her! When we were coming up with a theme and setup for the session the main thing she wanted to portray was a laid-back and fun realtor; more so a friend and house partner. Let's face it, if you saw your potential realtor with Louis Vuitton heels then yes you would totally work with her! Oh my goodness, I am so in love with Grettel's style! If you are searching for a home in the triangle, you can reach her at her Allen Tate Realtor website.

The setting took place at her beautiful home in Chapel Hill. Her home amazed me as she decorated so beautifully and even had hints of fashion designers sprinkled throughout (cue the Chanel books, oh my goodness!). Her office space with the light baby blue wall paint and the "optimist" inspired memorabilia hanging in its space was the right touch that screamed all about her personality. I love love loved collaborating with her and was just so happy to have captured her true spirit for her potential clients to swoon over.

Dobson, NC Engagement | Carol and Joe

I love it when my couples are one in the same. Carol and Joe are like two peas in a pod and their happiness is contagious! Carol and Joe plan to tie the knot later this upcoming fall at the beautiful and lustrous Cody Creek in Dobson, NC and I can not wait to see them say their "I do's!"  If their wedding is anything like their engagement session, it will surely be a sweet one. I love that this year I have had the chance to document weddings all across the state, especially weddings in western Carolina.

I am particularly fond of their session as it was shot purely on film, and it pulls at my heart strings with their cuteness. The best thing I could ever do for my couples is to make sure I give them intimate moments; gestures people normally don't notice, or genuine laughs that are never captured. It's the little things that people remember and hold close. I am glad to give that to them.


Film Scans by Richard Photo Labs