Rex Hospital Newborn Session

Let me tell you how precious I think the Goblet family is---OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS!!

Okay, now that that part is out there, let's talk about their sweet newest creation--George IV, or as the little ones have called him--Brogden. I had so much fun with them in their hospital room; and yes, sometimes you have to do newborn sessions in the hospital and it can be totally awesome if you let it!

If you remember from years back, I started as a newborn photographer in the local hospitals around here. I absolutely ADORED that job and learned so much when it came to holding babies, understanding the light in the room, and working in some very very tight spaces. The Goblets were so lucky, they had a swarm of family and friends celebrating with them at the hospital once this little one was born and I had a blast hanging out with the crew while I was there.

I brought a few items to the session, but my favorite image has ZERO to do with anything that I brought with me. My favorite? The image of the whole crew (Mom, Dad, 3 siblings, and the newest bundle of joy) with one of the little ones holding up a balloon of the number "0," because--umm, hello?! Brogden was just born! This family has always pulled my heart strings and I am just over the moon that they love randomness, laughs, and in the moment type of moments--did that make any sense? You will see very soon what I mean.

Also, Daddy George has now rented an RV and the Goblets are touring America as we speak and they are blogging about their journeys. You should check out their amazing story and give an internet high five for being totally amazing and taking a newborn and three young ladies on "tour" with them! You can check out their blog here.

Oh, and these were shot on film so can I get a high five, too?! Huzzahhhhhhhhh

Bahamian Travels | Exuma

If you've ever wondered what your photographer does on her free time--look no further! In my free time I get married! Ha! Just kidding, I have only done that once and I have been a happily married lady for a good month now. Thank you all for your well wishes and continued support; Jason and I are still over the moon with the incredible graciousness that our community has shown us.

A little tid bit about my type of vacation--for the past year I have made a sort-of pact to myself to only bring my film camera when I travel. At first I thought this would be really hard because I am such an instant gratification type of lady (yes, I am still a millennial, but what can you do?), but in all actuality? It's been the best part of vacation--other than actually relaxing, ha!

Since film is so precious, I try to make sure that each image counts. Yes, this means that I purposely only shoot one strategically aligned image. The result? When my images come back from the developer I am in Christmas land! It is the best part of my day when I get to see my images from my travels without having to look at them on the back of my camera. I forget so many things, but when I can see what I actually stopped to look at and marvel over, I understand again why it made me stop in my tracks in the first place.

Below are just a few images from our time in the Caribbean. Jason, my husband (it is so weird to say that!), has become a film lover, as well! And his images make a few cameos below and I am just so smitten that he enjoys this just as much as I do. My favorite place we visited had to be Coco Plum Beach, located on the island of Exuma. It was quaint, empty, and breathtaking with its views of clear as day water. If you are ever in the area, find out how to get to this place, I promise you will never regret that decision!

Take care and love like crazy, y'all!


Cary, NC Wedding | The Matthews House in Cary

Let's get down to the knitty gritty of, like, the best wedding party ever. For one, I have never laughed so hard in my entire career when editing a wedding; Jayme and Elliott are hilarious and had a blast at their wedding! Seriously, this is how weddings should be; an undeniably fun, out of this world, super happy, super funny, totally in love couples who have the coolest friends and family to match their awesome love story. Their wedding was so up their alley and I am over the moon smitten that I was there to document this tremendous, gorgeous, emotionally filled day.


Jayme and Elliott share a love for football, tailgating, and all things NC State. I mean, what better couple could I have had?! With growing so close over the last year with this couple, I have to admit I am a tad bit sad to have finished their wedding. These two were the sweetest things I have ever come across and just had me at hello from the very beginning. How sweet it is to give them these images from day 1 as Mr. and Mrs.!

The day started out with champagne and bubbly for the ladies, which may I add this was the sweetest bridal party I have ever come across! All of the girls were so happy for Jayme and were over the top excited for what the day had in store! They were the absolute nicest to my second shooter and I, and I actively learned each and every one of her girl squad members names! There were 8 total plus a flower girl so needless to say I was very proud of myself. Those girls deserved that plus so much more!

Once Jayme was dressed and ready her dad come up and saw his daughter for the first time. This is sometimes one of my favorite parts come wedding day just because it can be so sweet to witness such true emotion. Bless the daddy's daughters of the world, I know its an emotional time. Shortly after meeting her dad, which was the sweetest interaction, Jayme and Elliott had their first look. I am in love with the image of Jayme being walked down the staircase (black and white) in anticipation of meeting Elliott. This was the best part of the day, from my perspective, just because after all of the planning and designing--the day finally came and their he was. I just love it! And Elliott was the happiest groom on the face of this earth. How sweet it is to witness that kind of love!

Without further adieu, please enjoy Jayme and Elliott's wedding images!


Venue The Matthews House in Cary
Florals Teacup Floral
Hair Blown Away Raleigh
Gown Lana Addison Bridal
Gown Designer Martina Liana
Mens Attire Mens Warehouse
Rentals CE Rental
Bridesmaids Dresses Savvi Formalwear
Catering Rocky Top Catering
Cupcakes Publix
Earrings Kate Spade
Shoes Betsey Johnson
Second Shooter Samantha Rae Photography
Music Your Personal DJ