UNC Chapel Hill Proposal | Marvin Williams & Sheena Gordon


It’s not everyday that I get to photograph some real rockstars from North Carolina, but on this day, dreams came true. If you have ever been a fan of UNC Basketball, then I am sure you know of Mr. Marvin Williams. Marvin told me that he met the love of his life during his time at UNC, Sheena. After many years together, and the cutest little baby girl, Marvin popped the question right at the same spot that he met Sheena for the first time. Yep, fairy tales exist and I was present to see it actually happen.

Prior to photographing Marvin proposing to Sheena, his good friend and colleague, Deon, who so graciously helped plan the big day, sent me a pin drop of the exact place this were to happen. It was right outside the football stadium, which right near it was the athletics department where the two first laid eyes on one another. My job, the day of, was to wait patiently until two tall, very nicely dressed people were to walk down the pathway and to photograph the proposal that were to happen. It did, and it was just pure happiness to be able to document this special occasion for the two of them.

What I adored most about these two was their kindness to each other. I enjoyed photographing them, albeit briefly, but their kindness to not only myself, but to those around them was truly something special. They are wonderful souls and it makes my heart so happy to know that they found eachother many years ago.

Congratulations, Marvin & Sheena! Wishing you a happy wedding planning season and so many happy years together. Much love to you both!

Nikki Whitt