Durham Eno River Engagement | Gabriele & Alberto


Gabriele & Alberto are tieing the knot this upcoming July in Spain, y’all! When I met Gabriele, I also met Alberto’s parents. His parents were visiting from Spain just outside of one of the prettiest little cities that I actually had the privilege of seeing this summer, myself. Small world, I swear!

Alberto and Gabriele moved here when Alberto found out about his new job in the area. The one thing they wanted to incorporate into their engagement session was the fact that they love the outside. Literally, anything having to do with being outside, they were down for. We spent the afternoon at the Eno River State Park, right here in Durham. It was the perfect time of year as the trees just started to change to that fun yellow color. I love sessions like this when they are spent with great people on great days.

Congratulations, you two! Wishing you many many years of happy!

Nikki Whitt