Amanda & Todd | Outer Banks Wedding | Saxapahaw River Ballroom Reception

It is with such great pleasure that I present to you all of these portraits! This has to be THE most unique and fun wedding that I have photographed. There are so many quirky and sweet elements that make this wedding one of my favorites. Amanda and Todd are an outrageously hilarious and humble couple. Not only did they decide to just do their own thing for their ceremony, but they were extremely sweet and so kind to me. I say this all of the time, but I really do have the best clients in the world.

To start this journey off, Amanda and Todd tied the knot on August 12th, 2015 in Kitty Hawk, NC. I started my day at The Sanderling with the bride to be and her best friend Laura. It was very ironic because one of my best friends and former college roommates was there doing hair and makeup for Amanda. Full circle. There was a really nice feeling in the air. Something epic was about to happen. I remember feeling that I had the best job in the world; I get to be around so much happiness and love. Today was the day.

I think the number one thing that I loved so much about Amanda and Todd was the fact that they were so easy going and could easily find humor in anything. If you did your research on the date that the ceremony took place you’d know that the day fell on a Wednesday. Yes, a Wednesday. Remember that! We had planned on Amanda and Todd to have their first look on the Kitty Hawk Pier. This pier was right down the street from where the ceremony took place and held a lot of memories for the bride. The bride and I arrive and to our surprise another wedding was happening at that exact same time, on a Wednesday. After a slight freak out and minor change of plans, I found Todd already waiting at the other end of the pier, in his seer sucker suit, waiting for Amanda. He had literally walked right through the ceremony not knowing that it was a wedding. After about mid way through the building he realizes that he totally just crashed that wedding. Off he went through the back doors and through the outside cocktail tables; there was nothing that could have stopped this man from seeing his bride. This is why I love this couple!

After their first look we went off to the ceremony house. If any of you have ever been to the Outer Banks, then you’ll know the natural beauty that this place shows off. The house is literally about 20 feet away from the ocean. You can walk down the back steps and practically jump in to the water. Adorable. It stood on stilts and right outside of it Amanda and Todd tied the knot. It was a sweet and small ceremony, detailed with all three dogs Amanda and Todd shared, along with all of their closest friends and family. They stood in a circle and a family friend officiated the ceremony. It could not have been more perfect. That day, this epic day, held a beautiful pink sky. Amanda’s parents had something to do with this; it had to have been the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen on this side of the ocean. They were here with us.

The party did not stop on their ceremony day. That Saturday, August 15th, Amanda and Todd held their reception at the Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw, NC. Good golly, this place was amazing! If you have never been to this place I highly recommend you go in the future. There are so many elements that surround this place, but the best thing is that they have an awesome coffee shop! Amanda had so many cool details that surrounded the place, like books, wood from her barn, and even a bluegrass band that had literally just formed a few months before the wedding (Haw River Hockets, check them out).

Amanda and Todd greeted their guests with a delicious southern dinner along with cocktails throughout the night. Dancing followed until about 11:30 that night, and only the best survived! I had so much fun during their reception, all of their guests were great dancers! There may have been a break dance or two thrown in the mix. At the end of the night all I could see was Amanda and Todd’s grins. It was definitely a night to remember. I am so happy to have spent this with them.


August 12, 2015
Bridal Suite: The Sanderling Hotel Resort & Spa

Hair and Makeup: Making ME Blush

Equipment Rental: Ocean Atlantic Rentals

Cake: Icing on the Cake

Caterer: Kelly’s Restaurant

August 15, 2015
Coordinator: Gina with A Southern Soiree

Venue: Haw River Ballroom

Hair and Makeup: Make Up For Your Day

Caterer: Saxapahaw General Store

Cupcakes: Sugarland

Photo Booth: ShutterBooth

Flowers: Periwinkle Farms

Music: Haw River Hockets

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