Joe Perrow | North Carolina's Funniest Person | Raleigh, NC

Meet Joe. Joe is North Carolina’s Funniest Person. Yes. It is a great title. He won it by competing this year in Raleigh, NC at Goodnight’s Comedy Club. I really enjoyed getting to know this guy. I could tell right away he was a hard worker, and his story was very similar to mine. We both went to college, graduated, worked, and then decided we wanted to take different paths. I get it, and more so, respect it. It’s really hard to be a creative out there and it’s tough honest work. Joe is only going up from here.

We decided to do this session at Goodnight’s Comedy Club. If you have never been to this historical place you should really consider going. It has amazing features, all of which we utilized during Joe’s portrait session. It came out better than anticipated.

Enjoy! And please, please be on the lookout for Joe. His (very rarely updated [lol]) youtube channel can be found here.

Nikki WhittComment