Kat & Mason | Norfolk, VA

I met Kat in 2009 (I think!) when we were both students at North Carolina State University. Since meeting, we have become instant friends and stayed in contact throughout the many moves and obstacles that come in to play when you actually become an adult. I decided to go back to school [photography] after graduating, and she joined the Marines Corp.  While overseas she met Mason; a sweet and kind man that literally swept my girl off her feet! The first time I met him was at their wedding last year.  Get this, they planned their entire wedding while stationed in Japan. Crazy, right?! They flew back to the states right before the wedding. Her dress was even picked out by her dad. I never knew that, and it was about the sweetest detail about her wedding that just made me grin.

They wanted to do something extra special for their one year anniversary. Kat asked if I would be willing to come to Virginia and photograph [in their wedding outfits!] and I was over the moon ecstatic about all of the possibilities! One, I love travelling, but two…I get to hang out with one of my really good friends and relive their wedding day with them. I had the best time. Mason was such a trooper, and Kat looked extra stunning. It was so cute, as we were out and about there was this little girl that walked right past Kat and asked her mom “Mom, is that a princess?!” Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?!

Needless to say, I am still swooning over these portraits. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Renee with The Flower Cupboard in Cary, NC! She made a bouquet specifically for this session and it was absolutely breathtaking! Please go on over and check her out!

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