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Garrett and Diana | Greensboro Wedding | The Groome Inn

You know, when I think about weddings I think about feeling loved. I got in to photographing weddings because I was [and still am] so in love with--love. With the hustle and bustle of fall wedding season, it is so nice to take a step back and marvel at some of the best love you've come across. I think about Garrett and Diana.

I met Garrett and Diana late last year and completely fell in love with them! Yes! I know, I fell in love with a couple! The entire process of collaborating with them was filled with so many laughs, well wishes, and even cookies. Diana, you are a great baker! This has been one of my favorite weddings of the year, simply because of the company that I was with. Not only were Diana and Garrett a dream to work with, their entire wedding party was a blast and so so so nice to myself and second shooter [Sean] come wedding day. It is the little things that I remember, like having people ask if I needed water. Good couples bring good company.

The day was a dream! The week leading up to the wedding was such a drag in regards to weather. I was constantly checking to see if Saturday would be rainy, but it wasn't! The rain had stopped the day before and gave us the perfect little glow at their ceremony site. Garrett and Diana said their nuptials at the gorgeous Groome Inn, located in Greensboro, NC. The ceremony backdrop was all of the good things rolled in to one; the cutest little benches, a sweet little chandelier, and a beautiful green patched arbor that framed the two of them.

Along with the amazing backdrop of their venue, they brought so many adorable details that really made their day theirs. One of my favorite pieces were the canvases they had made from our engagement session! Seriously, my couples are the best! They looked so well hanging up in the venue!

All in all, this was one of the most fun weddings I've photographed this season! The couple danced like none other [to some of THE BEST old school R&B music] and there was even an impromptu serenade. To say that I am sad this day is over is truly an understatement.

Congratulations you two!

Vendors who made this possible:

Venue : The Groome Inn
Hair and Makeup : Updo's Studio
Florals : Jordan House Florist
Catering : Above and Beyond Catering
Music : Anything Music DJs

Garrett and Diana | Bury the Bourbon in Greensboro, NC | The Groome Inn

I love it when my couples ask me to partake in their awesome traditions and adventures before their BIG day! Garrett and Diana asked me to photograph them burying the bourbon at their wedding venue and I was oh so ecstatic to see this tradition in action! I had never heard of burying the bourbon before, but now I am wondering how I came this far in life without ever seeing it before. The tradition is to bury a bottle of bourbon 1 month before your wedding date at your wedding venue to ward off wedding day rain. When the wedding day arrives, you retrieve the bourbon and drink it. Seriously, it is that simple. Cheers to no rain on Garrett and Diana's wedding day come September!

Diana's dad made the cutest little bourbon box I ever saw, equipped with a baby shovel to boot. The tiny shovel could not do as much damage to the grave, but it made for really cute photos with the two of them in it. Although Diana and Garrett could not open the box yet, they will soon see the gift inside come September 24th. 

The event took place at Garrett and Diana's wedding venue, The Groome Inn, located in Greensboro, NC. This was my first time visiting, and oh my God was it a beauty! I can not wait to photograph these two love birds on their spoken day of love. How are my couples this amazing?!