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The Woods | Raleigh Maternity Photography

You know, there is something so sweet when you find out that one of your past couples is expecting to be a new mom. I remember the news when I heard Jayme was pregnant and I think I felt some tears forming. Jayme and Elliott were one of my favorite couples, not only because their wedding was just super romantic and just all around fun, but because they were just real genuine people.

I am not sure of the name (it's going to be the best surprise!), but I am sure of the love this little boy will receive.

Instead of trekking around Raleigh in the hot summer heat, we opted for an in house session which I thought was the sweetest idea in the world. When this little boy is all grown up, and maybe even thinking about having kids himself, he can look at these images of his mom and dad. This is what makes me the most happy to think about; what a great and tangible heirloom to look back on.

If you're wondering what my favorite part of the soon to be baby boys room is--well, it's definitely the stuffed tooth (seen below). This boys mama is a dentist and it is just the cutest thing I have ever seen.

A special thanks to Brittany with Lueur Salon for hair and makeup!

The Goblet Gals | Raleigh Family Photography

One of my first passions were the workings of family photography. I enjoyed the emotion, the laughs, the rambunctious children. I felt all of those all over again with this group of gals. Stefanie and George are expecting a little one this summer and all of his/her sisters are so excited to meet this gracious one! It's so fun to hear that the parents are planning on finding out the sex of the baby on the day of; I think it's precious and really shows patience in the truest form.

A while back we had originally scheduled this session on a day that rained so so hard! We rescheduled, and ironically had the same forecast for this day. We waited it out and it was during that time that I got the cutest images of the girls running around with their hair wet, mouths open trying to catch the raindrops, all just as happy as a clam. I remember that feeling and it was a great feeling. We had a blast and I am so excited to showcase some awesome family photography!