A Note From Sam


Hello! My name is Samantha, but I usually just go by Sam. I am the one and only to my two amazing parents. Though I may be an only child, they made sure to surround me with the most loving and supportive family and friends a girl could as for.

I am a bit of a crazy animal lady with a count of six fur-babies and growing! I am also a bit of a yoga nut. If you haven’t heard of goat yoga, I suggest you check it out! It combines a few of my favorite things, adorable little climbers and lots of laugher and joy.

Aside from my passion for four legged companions and all things yoga, I have an art degree as well as a degree in photography; I think it’s safe to say that I love the creative field! I love combining my first love, art, with my love of photography. I have been in the photography business for a little of four years now, but my love of the craft extends far before that. I grew up with a photo obsessed mother who documented every stage of my life and proudly displayed it in our home. It was only natural that I took interest in photography at some point, and I have taken that passion and turned it into a career.

Getting to know my couples and families is one of my favorite parts of the photography experience. By getting to know them I am able to capture who they really are and let their true self shine in their photos! I am just over the moon to be part of the Fancy This Photography family! I first met Nikki in photography school and have been so grateful and happy to get to know her and her amazing business over the years! 

Nikki Whitt