Greensboro Engagement Photography | Katie & Stewart


It’s not every day that you get the prettiest of snow covering every inch of North Carolina. On this day, we did. Katie and I toyed with the idea of rescheduling she and Stewarts engagement session, and inevitably, I wanted to give her that right because, let’s be honest, a snow in NC means that all of the roads are blocked off. We ended up going for it, and I am oh so glad we did!

We met at Bicentennial Garden in Greensboro, NC. It was perfect. There were absolutely no other people there (well, except this one guy who was determined to get his fitness on [he wore shorts]), but he quickly became just a passerby once we started. This was my first time in the garden, and it was just beautiful. Seriously, I will have to make another plan to go back out to this garden once Spring hits.

Most of the time when I start to photograph an engagement session, people start to feel that awkward feeling. I can’t blame them, there is this camera pointing at you, and you are “forced” to be normal, right? Give it a few minutes and that feeling starts to melt away. The best part about Katie and Stewart was the fact that they felt completely comfortable, even in the beginning. It was sweet to see them in their own environment, surrounded by snow, and the best outfits to boot. I think what I loved most about their session is how Stewart looked at Katie—it was endearing, and just a site to see.

We later went to downtown Greensboro for the complete opposite of our beginning portion of the engagement session. Yep, these two swapped their nice clothes for comfier ones (I can’t blame them) and we trotted on in to the cutest bookstore in downtown—Scuppernong Books.

Wine and coffee were bought, but the best part is that they laid out some of their favorite board games and started to play them. They were completely in their element, and this was totally them. I love it when a couple just wants to showcase what THEY do as a couple. I am a firm believer in photographing couples in their own element, and these two did not disappoint. I am so looking forward to their wedding later this year…games may be played and I am anxiously waiting for their guests to have a blast!