Shelby Hot Air Balloon Wedding | Love Hurdts


It’s not everyday you have the privilege of photographing the best couples of the world. Well, I lied, my couples really are the best. But when those couples are also hot air balloonists? Yeah, that is when some true magic enters your world.

Kristen and Joey have been together for the good part of a decade. They have the sweetest pup, Gabby, who was with them every second of their wedding day. It was the most endearing part of their wedding (in my opinion) that their dog stayed by their side from beginning to end.

The couple tied the knot on top of a hill in Shelby, NC. It was something truly spectacular to see as from the top of this hill you could see the mountains of North Carolina in the background. Their venue, Slightly Different Nursery, was quirky and southern—my type of tea. And the best part had nothing to do with any of this…the best part was seeing how many people came across the Southeast to witness these two tie the knot. A ton of hot air techs were on board to help with the after ceremony balloon release.

It was not a traditional wedding by any sense—well, except for the ceremony. Afterwards, Kristen and Joey had all of their guests go one by one up in to one of their hot air balloons. Hello! This was the ultimate reception! Not only did guests get to enjoy the view, but Kristen and Joey also did the garter and bouquet toss from IN THE HOT AIR BALLOON! These two really wanted their guests to feel special, and they completely pulled that off.

Oh, and my favorite part?! The moment Kristen hiked up her dress to help put up the hot air balloon. This is my type of lady. It was just a great day all around spent with some of the best people I’ve had the privilege of knowing.

Nikki Whitt