Ponysaurus Engagement | Durham Photographer

Brooke & Teddy kind of stole my heart. Look, I know I am preaching to the choir, but I really enjoy my clients, and these two fit right on in with the Fancy This clan. The day we "officially" met, I had just gotten off the plane from Germany, went home to wash my face, and then headed out to downtown Durham to meet this cute duo of a couple. They came down from Oklahoma for some serious wedding planning, visit family, and yes, meet me. I was so glad I could see them before they left to go back.

We started the day at the Durham Ball Park--a must for this couple as this Durham held many memories for them. If it's one thing I learned the most about Brooke & Teddy, it's their love for sports. We then trekked over to the American Tobacco Campus for some iconic images featuring the Durham water tower, and of course, the pretty water scenes. 

However, and a big however, my favorite part was not either of these places at all. It was Ponysaurus. Yep, a brewery and now Durham staple. I found out that this couple had their very first date at Ponysaurus and even remembered what they wore on their first date. I know what youre asking -- "Wait, did they wear their first date attire to their engagement session?" and the answer is YES. Absolutely YES! Because these two are awesome and why wouldnt they? I am just so proud they could even remember that! They even sat at the very same table where the two had their first beer together. It was, hands down, my favorite favorite part of the day. 

We ended the day at Duke Gardens for the last hoorah. Brooke told me that her parents got married there back in the day and I thought that was just the sweetest gesture to go to the same spot. Her parents married right under the gazebo, with that beautiful staircase that follows down. This was definitely a sweet moment. After this we found some shade throughout the gardens, talked about our weird thoughts on the Shape of Water movie, tried not to die in the June heat of North Carolina. I was happy they made it through, but happier that I finally got the chance to meet them. They plan on getting married next year at the beautiful Rickhouse in Durham and that is going to be an even happier day for them! 


Nikki Whitt
Raleigh Engagement Photographer | Stacy & Alex

Stacy & Alex are planning on tieing the knot later this year -- and I mean late as in New Years Eve, and honestly, it's going to be one of the sweetest days ever. I had a bit of a small world moment when I met Stacy & Alex's parents at the Rickhouse bridal show earlier this year. Not only did I hit it off with Ms. Shirley (Stacy's mom who absolutely loves photography), but I also found out that Alex grew up right down the street from my husband, Jason. In fact, I had met his dad before about 3-4 years ago when I was visiting Jason's mom in Carrboro. 

The best thing about getting to know Stacy & Alex had to be the fact that they loved and appreciated agriculture. If you have known me the last 10 years, then you know that I have anxiously awaited to have a couple who could bond with me over agriculture. It's true, I love it. We wanted to incorporate some aspects of this into their session, and to my surprise, we actually came across cows by accident. I don't know how the world gives me these great gestures, but I will take them any day.

We started off the day at the beautiful JC Raulston Arboretum. It's filled with lush greenery, fun pops of color, and little garden sanctuaries we could join in for some fun portraits. Later, we found ourselves at the NCSU University Club. It was there that we found the cows and I also found out those were Stacy's favorite animal. Thank you, universe. 

It was fun getting to know these two and I can't wait until their wedding later this year. 

Nikki Whitt
The Woods | Raleigh Maternity Photography

You know, there is something so sweet when you find out that one of your past couples is expecting to be a new mom. I remember the news when I heard Jayme was pregnant and I think I felt some tears forming. Jayme and Elliott were one of my favorite couples, not only because their wedding was just super romantic and just all around fun, but because they were just real genuine people.

I am not sure of the name (it's going to be the best surprise!), but I am sure of the love this little boy will receive.

Instead of trekking around Raleigh in the hot summer heat, we opted for an in house session which I thought was the sweetest idea in the world. When this little boy is all grown up, and maybe even thinking about having kids himself, he can look at these images of his mom and dad. This is what makes me the most happy to think about; what a great and tangible heirloom to look back on.

If you're wondering what my favorite part of the soon to be baby boys room is--well, it's definitely the stuffed tooth (seen below). This boys mama is a dentist and it is just the cutest thing I have ever seen.

A special thanks to Brittany with Lueur Salon for hair and makeup!

Mandy & Zach | Engaged in Johnston County, NC

Some couples are just really meant to be together; Mandy and Zach are one of those. These two are planning on tying the knot later this September and I know it will be one of the prettiest things I will ever see. Mandy, whom I have had the privilege of getting to know personally over the years, dreamed of marrying this man in the quaintest of settings. My heart melted when I heard Zach proposed and just knew they were going to have a great marriage.

Like most of my sessions, I really try to figure out who the couple really is. This was easy with Mandy and Zach--they loved fishing, hunting, and just all things southern. It was a dream come true for me as I channeled my inner Bertie County girl that had been stuffed from all of the "city" I have been living in. We started the day on Zach's john boat and then capped the day off at what will be their sweet reception spot--The Pond at Lazy O.

All in all, it was a great day spent with great friends. With Mandy & Zach there is always great giggles involved and I am just over the moon at the sweet moments we captured throughout the day.

If you are ever on the fence about having engagement photos done, just trust me and go all in.