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Jayme & Elliott | NC State Fair | Raleigh Engagement

Let's talk about how swooned I am over this session. Jayme and Elliott wanted something meaningful to them as part of their engagement session. We threw around a few ideas, and landed immediately on the NC State Fairgrounds.

Jayme, as a little girl, would always go to the plant section of the NC State Fairgrounds and spend many memories with her family there. Not only is it a beautiful spot away from the hustle and bustle of the rides, but the mums in particular make the experience so much more magical. If you have never ventured to this part of the fairgrounds, please make sure to do so next year. They are really a sight to see.

Before the park even opened, Jayme, Elliott and myself trekked out in the wee morning and found some gorgeous light nestled right there in the nurseries. It was amazing being able to be in the park by ourselves without hundreds of people walking by. Jayme wore this beautiful purple dress and Elliott matched her so well. I had to get a few spinning shots since we were there by ourselves!

Jayme and Elliott are tieing the knot next year and I am so over the moon that I will be sharing this day with them as their photographer. Although the engagement session shown below is one that I am so smitten with, I can not wait to show you our sequel in a few short weeks.

Garrett and Diana | Bury the Bourbon in Greensboro, NC | The Groome Inn

I love it when my couples ask me to partake in their awesome traditions and adventures before their BIG day! Garrett and Diana asked me to photograph them burying the bourbon at their wedding venue and I was oh so ecstatic to see this tradition in action! I had never heard of burying the bourbon before, but now I am wondering how I came this far in life without ever seeing it before. The tradition is to bury a bottle of bourbon 1 month before your wedding date at your wedding venue to ward off wedding day rain. When the wedding day arrives, you retrieve the bourbon and drink it. Seriously, it is that simple. Cheers to no rain on Garrett and Diana's wedding day come September!

Diana's dad made the cutest little bourbon box I ever saw, equipped with a baby shovel to boot. The tiny shovel could not do as much damage to the grave, but it made for really cute photos with the two of them in it. Although Diana and Garrett could not open the box yet, they will soon see the gift inside come September 24th. 

The event took place at Garrett and Diana's wedding venue, The Groome Inn, located in Greensboro, NC. This was my first time visiting, and oh my God was it a beauty! I can not wait to photograph these two love birds on their spoken day of love. How are my couples this amazing?!