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Holly Springs, NC Wedding at the Mims House | Jamie & Stephen

Jamie and Stephen were married at a beautiful location in downtown Holly Springs. It was on the warm side that day, but that didn’t distract from the love that was apparent all around them.  I was so incredibly honored to be a part of their big day. Aside from the amazing ceremony and a very fun wedding party, I have to say that one of my favorite parts was everyone, including the beautiful bride, making trips over to the giant fan just to cool off for a bit. Watching everyone stand there, some still dancing to the music, some fluffing up their dresses and some singing into the wind. But there was a smile on every single one of their faces. Not one person looked unhappy. There were endless amounts of joy and laughter all around! Jamie and Stephen had such wonderful people with them to celebrate a fantastic day! 

I met Stephen and Jamie what feels like just a few months back but has been longer than that. Since distance was a bit of a dilemma, we actually met via FaceTime. I could tell right off that they were going to have a great wedding. They were so laid back and easy to talk to. If either of them had the jitters the day of, they did a very good job at not letting on. Though I think these two were just too happy and excited to be nervous. 

Congratulations Stephen and Jamie! I wish you nothing but the best in your new journey together!



Also, a special shout out to the very talented team that helped put this day together and make it run smoothly.

Venue // Mims House 
Planning // Socialite Events
Florals // Tre Bella
Gown // Maggi Bridal
Rentals // Homemade Bride
Hair and Makeup // Rachel DeLain
Catering // Under the Oak Catering
Video // Silver Paris
DJ // Matt Stutts
Photography // Samantha with Fancy This Photography

Raleigh, NC Bridal Session | Stacy S.

I just adore Stacy. Seriously, she has such a kind heart and yall, she even took part in writing the Farm Bill that just passed. She just has my heart. Agriculture for the win, all day. Not only this, but she and her husband Alex just tied the knot this New Years Eve and I had the privilege of photographing their special day. Life can’t get any better than this—and I cannot wait to finish up their gallery!

I receive questions all the time on whether or not a bridal session is beneficial to do before your wedding. The answer is yes, but I have to admit, not everyone knows what a bridal session actually is. A bridal session is basically a trial run of the bride in her dress before the wedding day. Not only do you have the chance to prance around in your dress and take pretty pictures, but you can also use it for your trial run to see if you like how your hair is, if your dress needs to be hemmed more, or even trial running your shoes because sometimes your shoes can really hurt your feet on the day of your wedding. This is the day where you can actually see how everything looks and feels on your body, which is probably the best thing about a bridal session.

Stacy and her mother in law met me at the beautiful Historic Oak View Park in Raleigh, NC. We chose this place because it has beautiful old buildings that fit right in to the theme that Stacy has always adored and loved. It has a beautiful southern charm to it, just like Stacy. I shot on Portra 400 film and the colors came out magnificent. I especially love the images of Stacy in the barn (featured at the end), which might I add, was Stacy’s idea. Oh, and the moment when Stacy found an old Ag Law book just hanging out on the shelf! See? My heart.

Hair and Makeup // Bella Trio Salon
Gown // Coastal Knot
Film Lab // Richard Photo Lab

Emerald Isle Engagement Photography

Let me just tell you...some of the images you are about to see are basically taken out of The Notebook. Prepare yourself because this couple is one for the books.

Sara & Marcel have been together for nine years, yall. 9 YEARS! They met each other in school and basically the rest is history. I met them a few years ago via a mutual friend and just swooned over the energy these two gave each other. That same mutual friend offered these two lovebirds this very same engagement session and I am just so thrilled they obliged!

Since Marcel is stationed in Jacksonville, NC, it wasnt a tough sale to get these two to meet me in Emerald Isle. One, the beaches there are out of this world amazing, and two, there are two completely different sceneries right across the street from one another. We started the day on the sound side, then switched to the beach side for those primo golden hour shots!

I do have to admit--the jumping picture (youll see) may be my all time favorite. Marcel wore his Marines attire and Sara wore the sweetest white dress to compliment. It's seriously a dreamy portrait, but you know I am a bit biased.

These two are tieing the knot later this year and I am over the moon that they chose me to photograph their happiest day yet. Life is just the sweetest.

NZinga and Kevin | Downtown Raleigh Engagement Photography

Oh, my heart for these two! NZinga and Kevin brought so much energy and love to their downtown Raleigh engagement session! I, honestly, could not keep my eyes off of them. So contagious, vivacious, and just all around sweet people in general.

These two live not too far from the wondrous streets of downtown, so we thought it would only be appropriate to photograph them in their natural habitat--of course when they are not traveling! Both have their eyes set on Guatemala for their wedding next April and just the imagery they were giving me when talking about it makes me so giddy. I am so happy for these two and have been over the moon about the magic we made during their engagement session! 

One of my favorite images is that of them inside the cutest little bar, Bittersweet. Seriously, that light is my jam and they were all about being in the moment. If you ever get the chance, go visit this place! 3 items the place specializes in: cocktails, desserts, and coffee. All 3 of us had a great time here at the end of our play date!