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Julia & Kurt and their cat named Carlos | A Raleigh Engagement

This session was a fun one, and I don’t say that too lightly. Whenever I do an engagement session my number one priority is to get to know the couple—and not just the day of. Julia and Kurt wanted their engagement session to be a reflection of them, what they do in their life, and maybe even incorporate where they had their first date—Mecca.

When Julia sent me photos of her house my jaw almost dropped. This lady has the best vintage retro eye and styled their home so perfectly! You guys know that I love mustard yellow, and yall, their couch was this exact color! Oh, and they have a cat named Carlos who was equally as retro and just super sweet. Fun fact, if you have a cat present at your engagement session I will automatically fall in love and make the cat pose with you in any and all photos.

I don’t always do in-home sessions, but I feel like I should offer more. There is just something so nice about them—think about it, when your 20 years older and maybe living in a different house, and you can see how much you’ve grown, the happiness you felt, and see memories from the beginning years of your life together. This is something that I think goes unnoticed while youre in the moment, but will bring back some wonderful and dear memories later on in life when you may need them the most. I say the more in-home sessions the merrier—it’s a part of your story, and your story matters.

Carter Finley Stadium Proposal | Jamie & Stephen

This session was a fun session. Not only did we do do their “couple” photos at their wonderful Carter-Finley Stadium, we also were present when Stephen popped the question to Jamie. This is what made the day extra special, in case you werent aware, ha!

Jamie and Stephen have been together for about a year and a half now. It’s funny, because they actually met while we were on our annual camping trip in 2017. With a few nudges, it ironically worked out that Stephen had to drive Jamie up to Virginia where we normally go tubing at. I am lieing if you think I did not plan this out. Hello, it’s me. I thought, these two would be perfect together! I am going to make it happen. If you havent caught on already (by the main photo), Stephen is my brother-in-law, and Jamie just so happens to work with one of my girlfriends. Match made in heaven. I am just happy it worked out, because if it didnt then I would have years to feel ashamed.

Stephen knew he wanted to propose to Jamie, but wanted to make sure it was special and meant something to the both of them. The best thing? Jamie and Stephen LOVE the wolfpack!! Yes, all of us are a Wolfpack family! Their love goes so deep that they even named their pups Carter and Finley. Stephen wanted to propose to Jamie in front of the statue, and I thought it was perfect.

With the help of my husband and I, we formed a plan to take their fall portraits together—just in case they wanted to send out Christmas cards later in the year. I was under the impression that Stephen would propose earlier in the session, but he didnt. Out of surprise, at the end of their session, he dropped to one knee and asked Jamie to marry him. I cried a little bit, and Jason did, too. It was surreal to see such a special moment take place right in front of our eyes, and we were just glad to see two people we love and adore take the next step.

Congratulations, Jamie & Stephen! We are so excited for your upcoming wedding. And Jamie, there is still time to run if our family is too crazy for you.

Raleigh, NC Bridal Session | Stacy S.

I just adore Stacy. Seriously, she has such a kind heart and yall, she even took part in writing the Farm Bill that just passed. She just has my heart. Agriculture for the win, all day. Not only this, but she and her husband Alex just tied the knot this New Years Eve and I had the privilege of photographing their special day. Life can’t get any better than this—and I cannot wait to finish up their gallery!

I receive questions all the time on whether or not a bridal session is beneficial to do before your wedding. The answer is yes, but I have to admit, not everyone knows what a bridal session actually is. A bridal session is basically a trial run of the bride in her dress before the wedding day. Not only do you have the chance to prance around in your dress and take pretty pictures, but you can also use it for your trial run to see if you like how your hair is, if your dress needs to be hemmed more, or even trial running your shoes because sometimes your shoes can really hurt your feet on the day of your wedding. This is the day where you can actually see how everything looks and feels on your body, which is probably the best thing about a bridal session.

Stacy and her mother in law met me at the beautiful Historic Oak View Park in Raleigh, NC. We chose this place because it has beautiful old buildings that fit right in to the theme that Stacy has always adored and loved. It has a beautiful southern charm to it, just like Stacy. I shot on Portra 400 film and the colors came out magnificent. I especially love the images of Stacy in the barn (featured at the end), which might I add, was Stacy’s idea. Oh, and the moment when Stacy found an old Ag Law book just hanging out on the shelf! See? My heart.

Hair and Makeup // Bella Trio Salon
Gown // Coastal Knot
Film Lab // Richard Photo Lab

Chapel Hill Bridal Portraits | The Carolina Inn

Over the course of the year I have become so close with this lady; in all seriousness, she has my heart. From us both planning our own weddings to actually sharing the same circle of friends (how did we not meet each other until this past year?!) she and I have become two peas in a pod--well, at least in my eyes. My business has taken me all over to countless countries, and many states across this nation, but the best place is to the home of a friendship. I know, that sounds so corny and cliche! I can't help it! What I am really trying to say is that this journey has been so much more than entrepreneurship; it's been about making some great relationships with some great people. Jayme [& Elliott] have definitely fallen in to that category.

 Jayme sported a custom embellished and totally romantic Martina Liana gown received from Lana Addison's Bridal Boutique located right here in Cary, NC. Her tousled up-do paired with her soft and natural beauty made for a breathtaking site, don't you agree? I have to admit, my favorite part of her attire was her Betsey Johnson shoes! Oh my how I love Betsey; no wonder Jayme stole my heart so early, ha! 

We enjoyed our day at the beautiful and historic Carolina Inn; it was so much fun walking the halls and basically playing dress up--a precursor to the wedding, what girl doesn't want to wear their dress twice?! I love how all of the colors of the Carolina Inn came out, especially when I saw the film after it was developed. The halls give off a romantic feel, and it meshed so well with Jayme's wedding day look! 


Venue The Carolina Inn
Gown Designer Martina Liana
Bridal Boutique Lana Addison
Florals Teacup Floral
Engagement Ring Diamonds Direct
Shoes Betsey Johnson
Hair Blown Away Raleigh
Earrings Kate Spade
Film Processing Richard Photo Lab
Alterations Olga's Alterations