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Raleigh Family Photographer | Raleigh, NC

"Nikki did a wonderful job on our fall session! We signed up to take some pictures for Christmas cards and Nikki found a beautiful park that we could bring our pup for true family photos. She has a great energy and captured beautiful images for us. We can't wait to get our prints." -- Katie

I had a lot of fun with the Rodwells at their family session! We went to the beautiful Historic Oak View park located in Raleigh, NC. The day was as perfect as a fall morning could be. The colors could not have been more beautiful, and it was just an all around great day to be outside. Katie and Tommy brought their adorable pup, Rivers, and I don't think Rivers could have been a better companion throughout the session. In case you were on the fence about having family portraits taken, please know that if you have a pet, I will always say YES to having them come along! They are such a big part of the family and you should find ways to cherish that.

We started the day at this cute and small vineyard that's located just to the side of the park. I love the texture of the vines, but more importantly, that soft orange color. It's perfect for those fall portraits. We then explored more of the park and noticed the plethora of goats, all of which were super nice and hilarious to watch (goats are my favorite!). The whole place has cute little nooks where you can hop in and out of, a beautiful view of all of the oak trees, and just a calm and present demeanor. I highly recommend anyone come out here just to take in the beautiful scenery.

All in all it was a beautiful day surrounded with good hearted people. I could not have asked for a better morning. The best part about my job? I have part in documenting memories. This is something that Katie and Tommy can look back on in years to come. How beautiful is that?

Rex Hospital Newborn Session

Let me tell you how precious I think the Goblet family is---OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS!!

Okay, now that that part is out there, let's talk about their sweet newest creation--George IV, or as the little ones have called him--Brogden. I had so much fun with them in their hospital room; and yes, sometimes you have to do newborn sessions in the hospital and it can be totally awesome if you let it!

If you remember from years back, I started as a newborn photographer in the local hospitals around here. I absolutely ADORED that job and learned so much when it came to holding babies, understanding the light in the room, and working in some very very tight spaces. The Goblets were so lucky, they had a swarm of family and friends celebrating with them at the hospital once this little one was born and I had a blast hanging out with the crew while I was there.

I brought a few items to the session, but my favorite image has ZERO to do with anything that I brought with me. My favorite? The image of the whole crew (Mom, Dad, 3 siblings, and the newest bundle of joy) with one of the little ones holding up a balloon of the number "0," because--umm, hello?! Brogden was just born! This family has always pulled my heart strings and I am just over the moon that they love randomness, laughs, and in the moment type of moments--did that make any sense? You will see very soon what I mean.

Also, Daddy George has now rented an RV and the Goblets are touring America as we speak and they are blogging about their journeys. You should check out their amazing story and give an internet high five for being totally amazing and taking a newborn and three young ladies on "tour" with them! You can check out their blog here.

Oh, and these were shot on film so can I get a high five, too?! Huzzahhhhhhhhh

Family Fall Portraits | Raleigh, NC

It is not every day that you get to photograph this kind of beautiful family. On top of it all, they brought their adorable pets (both cat and dog). Eek! Oh my word, they were the cutest thing I ever saw! You may remember Kat and Mason from their anniversary session with me last year. Each year we do a photo shoot around the time of their anniversary. This year, we included Kat's parents.

It was a beautiful day! I am so excited to show you these images. I think the best part about this session was actually photographing an actual cat in family portrait style! Also, Kat's parents are the sweetest! Love love love the images I captured of just the two of them! All in all, this was a great day and was so excited to do this for them!