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Eric Trundy | North Carolina Comedian | Raleigh, NC Headshots

I am sort of biased when it comes to comedians. For years I worked at a local comedy club supporting my way through college. I met alot of great comedians, and alot of uhh...assholes. Yeah, I think that is the right way to describe a few. But with any career, there are a few bad apples. Eric was [is] definitely part of the good group. Have you ever just met someone and just wanted them to succeed? Like you were just so happy with how they used their career and voice to lift others up? I felt really honored to meet Eric. His story and motto are probably one of my favorites I have ever come in contact with. I highly recommend going to see one of his shows. If not, a quick youtube search will suffice. Find his interview and headshots below. I think my favorite one has to be the image of Eric and his suitcase full of letters and notes from way back when he would write everything down for his sets. He still does this, but it was pretty cool he found a whole stash from when he was first starting out. Killer.

What inspires you the most?
I'm inspired by freedom. I have a real issue with having to do things or being told what to do. I spent my entire life doing things I didn't want to do or things I was obligated to do. Finally when the point came when I didn't have to take care of other people, I had a moment that I realized that I had never really done anything to be proud of ... creatively. I mean, I raised my kids and that was as rewarding an experience as you could have, but I never created art in any way, and so I wanted to. There's a list of regrets I read a lot. It's called the 5 Regrets of the dying. It's a lost compiled by hospice nurses who spent the last years,months,weeks and days with dying people, and they'd ask them about their lives and what they did right and wrong and what they would change. I recommend it to everyone. Reading that inspires me.

Why should the community come out and support local comedians?
I think people should support anyone taking a chance and chasing a pipe dream. You have to be a little crazy to think that you can make it doing something that puts yourself out there like that and makes you that vulnerable. Any artist that you appreciate was a local artist people ignored. I like the idea of seeing someone build it in front of me... buying the stock early. The other thing is, love comedy, local comedy is amazing. You either get to watch someone live their dreams... or .... you get to watch someone's dreams leave their body... either way that's a deal for whatever you paid.

What is the worst joke you ever told?
Hmm.. That's entirely subjective. I have jokes that people would find distasteful, but I stand by them a hundred percent. Then I've had jokes that were just poorly written or executed... I'm more embarrassed by those. I talk a lot about my personal life and about the abuse I suffered as a child... a lot of people couldn't handle that when I first started doing them, eventually I found ways to make them work and to have people laugh at them for different reasons. I think it's all about context. Now people love those jokes about the abuse, because I figured out that I'm not trying to make my experience relatable, I'm trying to make the feelings I have about the experience relatable , and that's just a lot more impactful. Also, the worst jokes were my laziest jokes... I, as I've gotten older have realized that one of the ways I can mark my growth as a comic and a human is by what words I can eliminate. I used to say words because they were just words, but now I know how impactful some of those can be to certain groups of people, and so I'm more mindful... a lot of my bad jokes were lazy because they used those words and didn't really reflect how I honestly felt.

Why did you choose to be a comedian?
It's better than lifting stuff. Seriously... it's a million times better. But also.. I think I explained that a bit in one of the other questions... which now if you don't use that question and only use this one it'll be confusing for your readers.. but I got some health news that wasn't great... I also got my kids to a point where they were old enough where I could maybe take off , and I just had to... I always loved comedy and I didn't wanna die without trying it once .. and then it stuck.

What is the hardest part about being a comedian?
Promoting myself or having a level of confidence that doesn't come naturally. I feel like a fraud almost every night and I think that I've been tricking people for years and tonight is the night that I'll expose the lie and that I'm not actually funny.

What has been the best part of being a comedian?
Not lifting stuff... seriously .. I'm just lazy .. Also.. the people I've met and made connections with.. and the sound of laughter.. the moment you're in the middle of a set and realize that everyone in the room is having an amazing time and you're all on the same page... it doesn't happen often, but that level of synchronicity is magical.

Any advice for beginning comedians?
Don't quit. Your job is to start.. and then don't quit. For at least a year.. that's about when you start learning and blah blah blah... just show up... any time you aren't on stage is time you're giving away and you can't get that back. Also be original .. be you.. you'll figure it out. But until then... Just don't quit...

Favorite show you've ever done?
I've had a few .. all for different reasons. I've had shows I've done for 6 people w my best friends and we were just loose... I've done shows in 1200 seat theaters that were perfect... I've had shows opening for legends who I admired growing up... couldn't wrap it up by saying one show. I honestly have had some of the most amazing times of my life doing comedy and I've learned a lot... and I learn more from the bad ones, because they hurt and I'm a masochist I guess. The best shows are the ones that are fun... I guess you could add this to the advice thing , but honestly it's a year two or three advice thing ... but I tell myself and other people , the goal for me is to win the "Having fun contest" every night. I want to be the person who has the most fun out of everyone in the building. When you're on stage the crowd will replicate your emotions ... so if I'm having fun, I'm loose, and confident and enjoying it... and if the crowd does those then.... there we are.... in love with each other.

What can we expect in the future?
Probably a massive water shortage ... and marauders.