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Raleigh Headshots | A Modern Twist to the Traditional Headshot

March held our first and only mini headshot extravaganza day. Samantha and I photographed 12 ladies in and around the triangle and yall—it was just a blast! Since announcing Samantha as the newest Associate Photographer for Fancy This, I wanted to get her involved with the Raleigh/Durham community of amazing ladies. We offered up 30 minute portrait sessions for women who needed an updated headshot—the results are kind of magical.

Some of my favorite images from the day are the ones that are just not your typical headshot. Seriously, when I look at these I think “oh my goodness, girl—I’d hire you!” I feel like it speaks so much to have a headshot that is completely you, different from the crowd, and still professional. I get that the traditional headshots are, well, traditional—but, it’s 2019, yall! I am trying to have some fun with it and make something that is truly unique.

For those of you wanting to update your headshot—send me a message. I would love to chat with you about what you are wanting and needing for your profession. Think of it as the first impression you give someone. When is the last time you have had yours taken?

Tell me your favorite headshot from the day!

Heidi Hendrix | Headshots and Lifestyle in Durham, NC

I have always admired Heidi's live freely attitude. She and I met years ago when we worked that Goodnight's Comedy Club in Raleigh and I swore we would have become best friends if she hadn't picked up and moved to Colorado so soon! This girl is a traveler, and has now made her way to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a comedian.

Any time that she makes her way back home to good ol' North Carolina--I always try to find a way to see her. This time, we actually made it happened and oh my goodness we made some magic happen that day. It was great to see Heidi again, hear about her amazing stories of New York, and to just give her so much loving for actually going out and doing what she was called to do.

We started off the day in a parking lot on downtown Durham. Yes, a parking lot. And I am not even ashamed to say that because magic can literally happen anywhere. We then headed around to a few sweet spots in Durham like Pour, The Durham Hotel, and even made her try one of the new Spin bikes Durham just placed on every street in the city. I am glad she was a good sport about it. Can't wait to see how far she goes in this career!