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Heidi Hendrix | Headshots and Lifestyle in Durham, NC

I have always admired Heidi's live freely attitude. She and I met years ago when we worked that Goodnight's Comedy Club in Raleigh and I swore we would have become best friends if she hadn't picked up and moved to Colorado so soon! This girl is a traveler, and has now made her way to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a comedian.

Any time that she makes her way back home to good ol' North Carolina--I always try to find a way to see her. This time, we actually made it happened and oh my goodness we made some magic happen that day. It was great to see Heidi again, hear about her amazing stories of New York, and to just give her so much loving for actually going out and doing what she was called to do.

We started off the day in a parking lot on downtown Durham. Yes, a parking lot. And I am not even ashamed to say that because magic can literally happen anywhere. We then headed around to a few sweet spots in Durham like Pour, The Durham Hotel, and even made her try one of the new Spin bikes Durham just placed on every street in the city. I am glad she was a good sport about it. Can't wait to see how far she goes in this career!

How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

Hey ladies! 

Let me just say--boudoir sessions are killer! Ah! This is one of my favorite types of portrait sessions. Whether you are wanting to gift your beau something special for your anniversary, or even day of the wedding, or just want to feel really good about yourself--this is something you should think about doing. There is something so powerful about it, and yes, I promise you will feel like a rockstar afterwards! Who doesn't want to feel like a hot babe in their own skin?! 

I wanted to write this blog to give you ladies a few bits of advice, some preparation tips, and some of the things that I ask each client to bring to their session. This is a fun shoot, and to document all of those amazing characteristics about you we should hone in on some specifics to prepare.

Let's start with the fun stuff--hair and makeup! I always suggest to have your hair blown out the day of your boudoir session. One, it feels absolutely amazing, and two, you look amazing. This is such a good time for you to go out and have yourself pampered-you deserve it! I don't feel as though an up-do is needed as those long locks are beautiful when down. This session is about feeling natural, and having your hair down gives us more options for you to play with it, etc.

For makeup, I would suggest to have it done professionally. Professionals know what makeup looks best on camera, but also it just gives you a time to relax before the session. Most of my sessions portray more of a natural look, so I always suggest to go that way when having your makeup applied. However, if we are going for a more moodier type of session, I love a good smokey eye. If you need recommendations for the triangles best hair and makeup studios, I will be glad to give you my list of recommendations. 

Treat yourself to a manicure, ladies! We will be doing some close shots, so your hands will definitely be modeling in the photos. If you are feeling extra fruity, treat yourself to a pedicure, as well. You deserve it.

Next up on the list is outfits! Yes ladies, I love a good pair of heels and sexy lingerie! The list below goes over some items you should looking out for and packing while preparing for your session.

  • Veil -- If you are planning on gifting this as a gift to your significant other right before the wedding, or even as an anniversary gift, then I want you to bring your veil! Endless opportunities here and it just feels classy.
  • 5-6 outfits. Try bring outfits that portray different types of mood. For instance, you can bring your favorite pair of jeans and a white button down blouse. Bring different types of lingerie to showcase different sides of you. 
    • For lingerie, bring something light and ethereal. Creams, nudes, ivories and blushes are a perfect match for this!
    • Bring something dark and moody, like black or navy lingerie. A deep grey works well, too.
    • Bring something that is just downright sexy. Think a long open back black dress, even lace. Think classic, bold, and sexy.
    • Bring something fun and enticing. For me this would be something pink and flirty, for other people this may be red lingerie with cute kitten heels. This is your time to be something you have always wanted to be, so take that excuse and go shopping for something that is totally you.
  • Heels and/or stilettos. There is nothing sexier than a good pair of heels, ladies. Bring your favorites!
Durham Family Photographer | Christmas Mini Session

If you have been keeping up with me via social media, you know this time of year I have been offering Christmas Mini Sessions to families all across the triangle. One of my favorite sessions this fall has to be of Jess, Maddox, and Landon. First, let's talk about their outfits! The youngest has on the cutest little reindeer sweater I think I may have ever seen! And the older brother?! Oh my goodness, the plaid. What cuties! This family was an absolute blast to hang out with and I am just over the moon about how their family session turned out! Yay for beautiful weather, awesome families, and gorgeous souls!