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Lyz and Ty | Boylan Bridge Proposal in Downtown Raleigh

There is something so sweet about being involved in a proposal. I remember the day that Jason proposed to me, and there were so many people involved that it makes me smile harder now when I think about it. What an overwhelming feeling of love and surprise when it finally happens!

Lyz and Ty met in the grand ol’ city of Raleigh, NC. Ty reached out to me about a month before he was planning on popping the big question with Lyz. He asked if I would reach out to her and ask her to be a part of a photoshoot that I had been planning. “A couple in front of the Raleigh skyline” was the way I was going to get the both of them to the Boylan Bridge on a Friday night. It worked, Lyz and Ty set their calendars up with the date and time and the motion was in place.

Lyz would end up texting me leading up to the date asking me my thoughts on apparel. I mean, this was so much pressure! I would have to pick the outfit this lady was going to wear when she was getting engaged?! I told her a summery dress and left it at that. I told her I was bad at making decisions…but, I just didnt want that type of pressure to fall on me. She picked a blue dress that hugged her just right.

The day came and Lyz insisted on getting her nails done before our photoshoot. I appreciated this because sometimes nails can fall off of the “to do” list for things like this. And also, she was about to have a pretty ring on her finger! Of course, get your nails done!! When Lyz and Ty arrived to Boylan Bridge, I was expecting us to walk around downtown for a bit—I wanted to do this to get them “comfortable” in front of the camera before we actually went for the “shot!”

However, Ty was so ready to get this off of his chest that right after I gave him and Lyz a hug to THANK them for coming out to get the shot I wanted…he immediately dropped to one knee and asked Lyz to marry him. YALL!!!! This man was so ready to ask her he just could not wait any longer! I cant blame him, I would want to marry Lyz, too. It was beautiful, and I think Lyz thought it was a joke because she asked him to get back up because “we werent here for this—we were here for a photoshoot.” Yall, this was the photoshoot. And, she said yes!! You guys! How fun and sweet at the same time!

We took advantage of the pretty golden hour across Raleigh and took more images of the two together. The sun made this gorgeous orange color and made the environment extra special. Afterwards, the two had their first round of drinks at Wye Hill, and later went to Oro to celebrate with a special dinner.

I have to say, proposals may be some of my favorite things to photograph. I loved being a part of Lyz and Ty’s story. But more importantly, I have loved getting to know the both of them over the past few months. Lyz and I actually met on Instagram. Yes, yall! Instagram! And I have enjoyed making friends with the both of them. This world is crazy and I adore every bit of it.

Congratulations, Lyz and Ty!!

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