Exciting News! We are Expanding!


Ahh. It’s here! Y’all, I have been wanting this for years, and last July I started putting in to place what I have always envisioned for my photography company. Fans and followers, meet the newest Lead Photographer for Fancy This Photography—Samantha!

Now some of you are already familiar with the powers of this lady! Yes, she has been one of my second shooters for a couple of years now. I always enjoyed working with her because of her calm demeanor, her excellent care for detail shots, and how creative she could be on wedding day. When I was thinking about expanding the business, all I could think of was how Samantha would put the care and thought in to this business like her own. This is really all I have ever wanted, and the fact that her trust came so easily to me just honestly sealed the deal.

What does this mean for Fancy This in the coming months? Well, for starters, I am updating the website to reflect two photographers. What does this mean for potential brides? Great things! If you inquire and for some reason I (Nikki) am booked, you would have the option to still have our style and brand to photograph your wedding. I am sure there will be some growing pains, but I am excited for next big milestone ahead. It is because of you—our wonderful clients—that we could make this happen. I say this time and time again, but this world really is good to us. Our clients are why we have had the privilege to photograph so many amazing couples.

Although Samantha has photographed weddings on her own prior to joining Fancy This as a lead photographer, we are now starting to build her Fancy This portfolio with wonderful Fancy This clients. Y’all, this lady has already booked her first wedding under Fancy This and we hadnt even made an announcement yet. This is how amazing this lady is! I can’t wait for you guys to read more about her. If any of you are planning on getting married this year and have yet to book your photographer, think about Samantha. We have a few dates open for her and are giving a pretty sweet discount to the next 3 that book with her.

I will save the background story of Samantha later, but in the meantime I wanted to present to you some fun images of this lady helping behind the scenes of some glam weddings, styled shoots, and even some photos that she took of herself and her hubby. Oh, and if you have picked up the latest issue of Southern Bride and Groom magazine, then yeah, there’s a spread with her in it (she was a wonderful might I add).

Nikki Whitt