Ponysaurus Engagement | Durham Photographer


Brooke & Teddy kind of stole my heart. Look, I know I am preaching to the choir, but I really enjoy my clients, and these two fit right on in with the Fancy This clan. The day we "officially" met, I had just gotten off the plane from Germany, went home to wash my face, and then headed out to downtown Durham to meet this cute duo of a couple. They came down from Oklahoma for some serious wedding planning, visit family, and yes, meet me. I was so glad I could see them before they left to go back.

We started the day at the Durham Ball Park--a must for this couple as this Durham held many memories for them. If it's one thing I learned the most about Brooke & Teddy, it's their love for sports. We then trekked over to the American Tobacco Campus for some iconic images featuring the Durham water tower, and of course, the pretty water scenes. 

However, and a big however, my favorite part was not either of these places at all. It was Ponysaurus. Yep, a brewery and now Durham staple. I found out that this couple had their very first date at Ponysaurus and even remembered what they wore on their first date. I know what youre asking -- "Wait, did they wear their first date attire to their engagement session?" and the answer is YES. Absolutely YES! Because these two are awesome and why wouldnt they? I am just so proud they could even remember that! They even sat at the very same table where the two had their first beer together. It was, hands down, my favorite favorite part of the day. 

We ended the day at Duke Gardens for the last hoorah. Brooke told me that her parents got married there back in the day and I thought that was just the sweetest gesture to go to the same spot. Her parents married right under the gazebo, with that beautiful staircase that follows down. This was definitely a sweet moment. After this we found some shade throughout the gardens, talked about our weird thoughts on the Shape of Water movie, tried not to die in the June heat of North Carolina. I was happy they made it through, but happier that I finally got the chance to meet them. They plan on getting married next year at the beautiful Rickhouse in Durham and that is going to be an even happier day for them! 


Nikki Whitt