Stephanie & Dan | Engaged in Downtown Cary


Okay, so this is the time for me to be real honest with you. I met Stephanie and Dan and just completely fell in love with them, their dog, and even their best friend Alex who came along to help with pup Paxton. I loved their energy, sweetness, and just all around contagious type of love. It was beautiful.

I remember Stephanie had said prior to their engagement session date that she had grew up in Cary, and just always imagined herself taking either wedding or engagement photos right beside the Cary water fountain. Well, that is exactly what we did and oh my goodness these images are so romantic! I can not even contain myself from showing you! It was an entire job in itself to pair down the best--they are all my favorite!

We started the day in downtown Cary taking in the beautiful sites on Academy Street. The trees had just started to bloom which gave us some great pops of color and fragrance. We stopped at some local landmarks, like Academy Street Bistro, Ashworth Drugs, and even this sweet little spirits shop called Pharmacy Bottle and Beverage. We capped off the day at the Cary water fountain and I felt myself drop the mic because good Lord those images are gorgeous. It was a great day to capture these two and their pup.

Swoon along with me because these two are gorgeous together!

Nikki Whitt