Color Palette for Your Home

Ever since I was a young girl I have always had this infatuation with color. I remember being drawn to art and just basking in the plethora of color at my fingertips. I loved learning which colors meshed really well, along with what colors don't actually go that well together. I learned the rules, and then I would break the rules, and that would give me some really solid pieces of work, and sometimes not so much. Even in my photography, I am gravitated towards the color, the tones, and really strive to give a solid true to color portrait.

Color does some funny things, or, maybe our eyes do some funny things? As I get older and deeper into my profession I realize how much color plays a role in our day to day life, our businesses, and homes. What makes us gravitate toward a specific image or video? Is it the content? Or do certain colors grab us first? Jason and I are just now starting to decorate our home (newlyweds, hello), and I am adamant about a color scheme--things have to flow. This is what happens when you marry someone who is OCD. The best part about designing is coming up with a color palette; and to be honest, this is really fun to do with Jason, and it beats just sitting on the couch watching reruns on Netflix.

I am learning more and more things about us, one of those being that we love all things vintage. The color scheme that we are looking at is from the first photo shown below taken at the beautiful Kings Daughters Inn in Durham, NC. This was in their sun-room and the colors scream boldness and the tints and tones mesh so well, especially paired with a gorgeous bride in an ivory dress placed in the middle. It's an analogous match that uses both cold and warm colors, a "no-no" in color theory, but again who likes sticking with the rules?

What are your thoughts on the color palettes below and would this be something you would use to decorate your home or office with?