Bahamian Travels | Exuma

If you've ever wondered what your photographer does on her free time--look no further! In my free time I get married! Ha! Just kidding, I have only done that once and I have been a happily married lady for a good month now. Thank you all for your well wishes and continued support; Jason and I are still over the moon with the incredible graciousness that our community has shown us.

A little tid bit about my type of vacation--for the past year I have made a sort-of pact to myself to only bring my film camera when I travel. At first I thought this would be really hard because I am such an instant gratification type of lady (yes, I am still a millennial, but what can you do?), but in all actuality? It's been the best part of vacation--other than actually relaxing, ha!

Since film is so precious, I try to make sure that each image counts. Yes, this means that I purposely only shoot one strategically aligned image. The result? When my images come back from the developer I am in Christmas land! It is the best part of my day when I get to see my images from my travels without having to look at them on the back of my camera. I forget so many things, but when I can see what I actually stopped to look at and marvel over, I understand again why it made me stop in my tracks in the first place.

Below are just a few images from our time in the Caribbean. Jason, my husband (it is so weird to say that!), has become a film lover, as well! And his images make a few cameos below and I am just so smitten that he enjoys this just as much as I do. My favorite place we visited had to be Coco Plum Beach, located on the island of Exuma. It was quaint, empty, and breathtaking with its views of clear as day water. If you are ever in the area, find out how to get to this place, I promise you will never regret that decision!

Take care and love like crazy, y'all!