Outer Banks Family Portraits | NC Family Photographer


My favorite part about this family session is not the fact that  I have photographed the youngest daughter's wedding, shot the session at a beautiful plantation home in eastern NC, or the fact that the entire family is just plain hilarious and fun to be around. Nope. My most favorite thing is the fact that I learned that Courtney, the youngest daughter, was expecting her first child. Hands down, Courtney and Danuel got me.

For large family portraits I like to start the session with the entire family, then divvy up by small family. When it was Courtney and Danuel's turn to be photographed by themselves, I had them do a simple task--like walk towards me. It was at this time that Danuel whips out an ultrasound picture and shows it to me in the midst of being behind the camera photographing them. I can't remember what happened next, but I believe I shed a tear or two. That was a good little surprise. I love how close I am with my clients. Courtney and Danuel have been great friends over the years of knowing them. I love that, the most.

This family session was shot in eastern NC at Somerset Place. Having grown up right around this place, it was humbling to go back home to photograph somewhere that had meaning to it. This session was shot on film, and I am just in love with how the colors came out after processing. I am a bit obsessed with family sessions being photographed on film, as this is the perfect example of lifelong commitments and heirlooms. It is poetic, in a sense, and gets me in the feels every time.

Nikki Whitt